Final Whole30 Check In

Good morning friend, how are you doing? Have you reintroduced any foods yet? 

  • Some of you are following a Reintroduction Schedule (I will too, next week (remember the RXBar fiasco?)). 

  • Some of you have noticed significant positive changes in body composition. Resolved digestive issues, skin clearing up, clothes fitting better. Remember, weight loss is not a primary motive for Whole30 but some have seen healthy weight loss.

  • Some of you have added a few new recipes into the mix and look forward to balanced Whole30 and Non-Whole30 meals from here on out.

Wherever it is you find yourself, I thank you for coming along the journey with us. These 30 days were not a walk in the park but hopefully offered you a new lens with which to view your relationship with food and your right to live a healthy life.

If you're feeling nervous about what comes next take a few minutes to read this article that a fellow RD* shared: "Why we're so obsessed with rigid diets". Here are parting words:

Decide what’s working. And what’s not working. Maybe you’ve developed a healthy breakfast rhythm by following a set of rigid food rules, or maybe you’ve eliminated some unnecessary snacking. Once you outgrow the plan, there’s no need to set aside the positive behaviors that are serving you. The program may involve an all-or-nothing mentality, but that doesn’t mean you’re not allow to borrow what’s working and abandon what’s not.

If you’d like personalized support post-Whole30 reach out. I will help you feel your best! Click this link to sign up for Nutrition Counseling. I offer Grocery Store Tours and Meal Prep Sessions all in the comfort of Your Kitchen!

In health,

*shoutout to @cj.train!