Whole30 Week 1 Check In

Hello from the hotel room in Vermont. My mom, sister and I left last night for a few days of snow and slopes. Luckily we’re all doing Whole30 so we planned ahead for meals and snacks. Here’s what Saturday and Sunday look like:

Morning coffee and tea with nut pods

• Hearty breakfast of eggs, avocado (cooked in the hotel room kitchen), fruit (pears and bananas)!almond butter (homemade, check out my Instagram story)

• Midday snack of fruit, RXbar/Luna bar, tea in the lodge (there are few compliant options in the lodge so we are planning our biggest meals for pre and post ski)

• Evening meal at Preston’s, they make a really good salmon filet and mixed green salad. Will pair with a starchy side like a baked potato or butternut squash. 

On the drive home I’ll stop to pick up groceries. Then, set an hour to prep some easy eats for the beginning of Week 2:

Breakfast - 

- Baked sweet potatoes with (1) almond butter, banana, chia; (2) smashed avocado and 2 boiled eggs. 

- Baked egg frittata with mixed veggies (I have onion and bell peppers at home). 

Lunch - 

- Arugula salad, chopped mixed veggies with canned tuna or boiled eggs. Sprinkle with sunflower seeds and top with fancy oil and vinegar (TIP: invest in good quality EVOO and Balsamic Vinegar, I have Tuscan Herb EVOO and Aged 18 Year Balsamic Vinegar). 


- Sheet pan dinner: roasted Salmon, asparagus and cherry tomatoes. Drizzle all with olive oil, season with salt and pepper, optional red pepper flakes. Roast at 425F in a preheated pan, salmon 12-15 min, veggies 15-20 minutes. 

- Soup: I’ve been craving soup so I’ll make a batch on Wednesday after my early day at work. I’m thinking a broth brew of Tuscan kale, tomato and cod. A bit of Italian flavor flare.  

Beverages -

  • coffee 🏼

  • tea

  • seltzer

  • kombucha

Self Care - I completed my goals last week. I think I need to set more challenging goals 

- Use a face mask, in these early days I break out sometimes before my skin clears up so I’m going to give it some TLC. 

- Start my weight training program: planning for Tuesday & Thursday. 

- Start a NEW candle, I’m burning through my holiday stash right now. 

Week 2 definitely gets easier once the fog clears. Keep up the good work and reach out with any questions. Continue to check my instagram for daily updates. Tonight I’ll be posting from the restaurant to show you how we navigate a menu!

In health,