Whole30 Week 2 Check In


We’re nearly halfway. How are you feeling? Take a look at the timeline and compare where you’re at with how many others tend to feel. Everyone’s results will differ but this timeline gives a good idea of how the month progresses.

Well this was certainly a WEEK for me:

First, I had an RXBar meltdown on Tuesday night (Day 8). I worked a late shift and did not pack enough foods to get me through the day until I could have a meal at home. I had ⅓ a Chocolate Chip RXBar which is *technically compliant* but controversial in the “New” Whole30 Rules. After some deliberation, I have decided to extend my Whole30 for 8 days and commit to an RXBar-free remainder of the program. Check out my Instagram Highlights for the details.

Then, on Wednesday I enjoyed too much of a good thing: sweet potato + Japanese sweet potato. The starch overload was no good for my stomach so I am taking a break from sweet potatoes for a little while (Shocking, I know!).

What I love about Whole30 is all of the nuggets I learn about myself, my food preferences and hunger patterns. What have you learned about yourself so far in this process?

For eats this week I am going to incorporate even more new foods: chia pudding, nicoise salad and curried cauliflower soup.


  • Scrambled eggs in ghee over bed of greens, topped with kimchee

  • Chia pudding with sliced banana, coconut flakes and a protein (probably 1 HB egg)


  • Nicoise salad with asian dressing: canned tuna, hard boiled egg, blanched asparagus, boiled white potato, sliced tomato, sliced bell pepper, over bed of greens. Sprinkle with sesame seeds.

  • Arugula Salad with chopped vegetables and pear. Top with lemon tahini dressing (from week 1). Add boiled egg or canned salmon for protein.

Dinner: I’ve been in the mood for soup so I’m going to try a new recipe that incorporates curry spices.

Other: I have a couple ripe bananas so I’m going to experiment with a chocolate pudding:

  • Combine 1 overripe banana + 1 small roasted sweet potato (skin removed) + 1 egg + 1.5 tbsp cocoa powder + pinch of salt + 1 tsp coconut oil + 1 tbsp almond milk. Mix in blender until smooth. Pour into a small baking tin greased with coconut oil. Bake 25 minutes at 350 until it rises slightly; it should firm up in the oven, if it is gooey or jiggly bake an additional 5 minutes. Let cool 15 minutes before you enjoy. Top with coconut flakes and enjoy as a breakfast alternative.

Self-Care Goals:

  • I completed most of my goals last week. The 2 strength workouts were awesome, I look forward to this new addition to my fitness repertoire. I did not move on to a new candle because I’m still burning through my Winter Cranberry, but I’ll add that on next week. Here are my Week 3 goals:

    • Foam roll 2x (after weight training days) for 10-15 minutes

    • Finish re-reading The Four Agreements for Virtual Bookclub → Bookclub meets on Sunday 1/20 at 7pm EST. It’s not too late to join!

    • Get outside and take 2 walks, at least 20 minutes each. It’s feeling colder here, need to bundle up and breathe fresh air.

What are your self-care goals this week?

In health,