Whole30 Week 4 Check In

Hey rockstar!

You’re in the home stretch. How do single digits feel? Fantastic? Rewarding? Sleeping-like-a-baby-sweet? Conquering To-Do-Lists? Monotonous? Boring?

Whether you’re still riding a high or you’re struggling to survive these final days you should stop and congratulate yourself. Fire off 3 things you are grateful for in this process.

Last week I was feeling a little bored but I kicked things up a notch and so can you:

  • Go somewhere new! I bought groceries at Wegmans. I typically shop at Trader Joe’s but there is a Wegmans on my way home from work. It was fun to explore a new store and come home with goodies.

    • I bought Okra and used it as a vegetable in my DIY Yellow Curry (recipe on Instagram-- email me if you don’t have Instagram, I can send to you).

  • Cook something that excites you. I made raspberry chia jam to spread over sweet potato toasts. Check out Instagram Highlights for the How To.

  • Experiment. I tried a new recipe for “Coconut Fluff Yogurt” from Savoring the Flavoring. It worked! I will document the next batch for those of you who are adventurous.

With 5 days to go I am going to skip the Weekly Meal Plan in order to chat about Reintroduction.

  • As Olive You Whole puts it: With any elimination diet, including Whole30, the reintroduction phase is arguably the most important. Here you get to discover which foods your body tolerates, and which it doesn’t. Don’t waste all of the energy and hard work over the last 30 days by turning back to old habits and missing the opportunity to learn what makes your body tick.

  • HOW TO:

    • Introduce a food group (like legumes) or just one particular food within a group (like oats) on the first day. Keep the rest of your elimination diet exactly the same. On days 2-3, note your body’s responses. Intolerance can take many forms: headaches, skin breakouts, stomach aches, diarrhea, bloating, gas, mood swings, loss of energy, anything else outside of the norm of your “feel good” days.

    • Reintroduction can span from a few days to 2 full weeks. It depends on which foods you would like to retry. If there are non-compliant Whole30 foods that you do not miss, you don’t have to reintroduce them.

Here is a Reintroduction schedule with examples:

  • Day 1: Legumes

    • Days 2-3: Return to Whole30 and monitor your response.

    • Example: use peanut butter on your sweet potato breakfast bowl and top your lunchtime salad with black beans or snack on some vegetables with hummus.

  • Day 4: Dairy

    • Days 5-6: Return to Whole30 and monitor your response. If legumes did not bother you, you can have them again.

    • Example: pour a splash of milk in your morning coffee or tea, snack on sliced cheese and cured meat, enjoy a Mediterranean meal with tzatziki sauce and feta cheese.

  • Day 7: Non-gluten grains

    • Days 8-9: Return to Whole30 and monitor your response.

    • Example: prep some overnight oats for breakfast, introduce quinoa at lunch or dinner, snack on some corn chips and guacamole.

  • Day 10: Gluten grains

    • Days 11-12: Return to Whole30 and monitor your response.

    • Example: Use a slice of sourdough for your avocado toast, try a pita pocket at lunch, or enjoy a small serving of pasta with a meal.

  • Day 13: Alcohol

    • Days 14-15: Return to Whole30 and monitor your response.

    • Example: safely enjoy 1-2 glasses of your favorite wine, a cold beer or your favorite mixed drink. Be sure to balance with water to stay hydrated and avoid nasty hangover symptoms.

  • OR you can introduce foods one at a time in order to see which specific foods you could be intolerant to.

    • Example: oatmeal on day 1, corn on day 4, etc.

If you’d like personalized support post-Whole30 reach out. I’d love to help you feel your best! Click this link to sign up for Nutrition Counseling. I offer Grocery Store Tours and Meal Prep Sessions all in the comfort of Your Kitchen!

In health,