Virtual Book Club

Hello and Welcome to Virtual Bookclub!
Book #1 is The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz.
I highly recommend reading a hard copy of the book so you feel more connected to the teachings.
Start reading TODAY!
The first "meeting" will be: Sunday January 20th at 7pm EST via Google Hangouts.
IMPORTANT: Sign up for the virtual meeting by clicking the “Sign Up” button below the picture of the book.
I will send out a couple reminders to read and information about joining the Virtual Meeting as we near 1/20/19.

Book 1

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Book 2

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Book 3

My vision for the Virtual Bookclub is to unite readers all over the country. We will "meet" over a virtual platform, Google Hangouts. I will be your host and guide, whether you choose to video chat or call into the meetings. The purpose of the Virtual Bookclub is to learn about and explore the world of Wellness. Our books will celebrate positive psychology, mindfulness, nutrition, physical activity, etc. I will make an effort to curate a variety of engaging reads through thoughtful choice and surveys. You can expect 1 book every 8 weeks. I will host 2 "meetings" per book to accommodate our varied schedules.  Our goal will be 6 books in 2019.